Teeth Whitening McKinney Texas

Teeth Whitening McKinney

You’ve taken excellent care of your teeth.

Even if you’ve taken outstanding care of your teeth and have gone to your regular polishing appointments with your dentist, you might not still be completely satisfied with the color of your teeth. Fortunately, we have the ability to give you the picture-perfect smile you’ve always wanted!

At Dossett Dental, we provide some excellent McKinney teeth whitening services to align with your budget. The result is a brighter and more confident smile you’ll love to show off in pictures and to your friends and family.

One Hour Whitening Service McKinney Texas

The patented ZOOM! teeth whitening system is an easy and efficient method of getting your teeth to the whiteness level you’ve always wanted. You can experience significant results in a single appointment lasting just under an hour!

Zoom Whitening McKinney Texas

Zoom Whitening in McKinney

The ZOOM! teeth whitening system uses a bleaching gel that has been gone through rigorous testing. We apply the gel directly to your teeth, then take a ZOOM! heat lamp and place it over your mouth. The light and heat from the lamp activates the gel, which goes to work brightening your teeth. We repeat the procedure a few times in 15-minute intervals.

After the third application, we rinse off your teeth and you are free to go! In this short appointment, we are able to give our patients a full eight shades whiter in their teeth. Best of all, it’s a comfortable and simple procedure that doesn’t require any anesthesia. The only side effects patients might experience are slightly increased oral sensitivity, but this usually subsides within a few hours to a couple days. Longer periods of sensitivity can be treated with desensitizing toothpastes.

Learn more about Zoom Teeth Whitening in McKinney, TX

To learn more about our ZOOM! teeth whitening services, we encourage you to give us a call at Dossett Dental McKinney at 469-277-2853. We offer free consultations, as well as appointment hours on evenings and weekends at our practice located just off Eldorado Pkwy in McKinney, Texas. We can’t wait to help you get the brighter smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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