Root Canal McKinney TX

Root Canal McKinney TX

The team at Dossett Dental McKinney is dedicated to helping you achieve high levels of oral health. To accomplish this, we offer a comprehensive range of dental procedures, including root canals.

A root canal is a procedure that prevents the permanent loss of a badly decayed tooth. At some point, teeth become so thoroughly decayed that even the tooth pulp becomes damaged. A rotten tooth pulp can lead to infections in the mouth, which are extremely dangerous to your nerves and very painful. When this happens, the pulp and the nerve must be removed and the area around it sealed to prevent any further infection.

Root Canal Dentist McKinney

What are the benefits of a root canal in McKinney?

A root canal can be your best method for preventing significant oral damage caused by an infected pulp. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of root canals:

  • No Tooth Loss. In most cases, a root canal is the only type of dental procedure that will allow you to avoid having your tooth extracted.
  • Effective. Most patients suffer from a great deal of tooth pain before the procedure. A root canal puts an end to the discomfort and alleviates the awful toothaches caused by the infected nerves.
  • Permanent. Once we have removed the damaged nerve that is causing the toothache, you’ll never have to worry about it causing pain ever again.

We know root canals can make patients anxious, so our friendly team is here for you throughout the entire process to make it as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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To learn more about the benefits of a root canal procedure, contact the Dossett Dental McKinney team at 469-277-2853. You also have the option to schedule your free consultation in the evening or on Saturday. We hope to see you soon to help put an end to your tooth pain!

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