Dental Crown McKinney Texas

Dental Crowns in McKinney TX

Our goal is to provide every patient with the high-quality smile they deserve.

If you are dealing with cracked, chipped, stained or otherwise broken teeth, dental crowns in McKinney, TX may be the solution for you.

Dental Crowns McKinney TX

A dental crown is a shell that surrounds and encases your whole tooth over the gum level. We carefully craft each of our dental crowns based on the specific impressions and measurements taken in our office. All of the materials used in creating your crown depend on your preference, with the most commonly used materials being porcelain (for natural appearance), silver and gold.

Why should I undergo a Dental Crown Procedure in McKinney, TX?

Damaged teeth can cause significant oral health problems and, left untreated, can compromise the integrity of your other, healthy teeth. If you’re worried about the crown looking out of place, we offer porcelain crowns that look just like your other teeth. Few people who look at your smile will be able to tell you have a crown!

The benefits of crowns are not merely cosmetic. They also include:

  • Stronger Teeth - - If you use multiple or overly large fillings to save a tooth, it could actually become weaker, leading to an increased risk of breaks or chips. Broken teeth often create other health complications in your mouth. Capping the tooth will restore it to its original strength and allow you to eat without restricting food choices.
  • Shaping teeth - Correctly shaping teeth with a dental crown gives you a natural looking smile.

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